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Reduce Zoom Fatigue 70% in Five Very Simple Steps

Devin Soni 👑 wrote: “Don’t feel like you have to stare at your screen for an hour straight. Look around the room you’re in, out the window, or anything else to give yourself a break…” Here are my 5 easy tips to reduce Zoom fatigue. Read article>


What Does “Volatility is the new norm” Mean to Financial Advisors?

This is not about gloom and doom. It is about the reality of what has happened to date; it is based on where we are in the timeline; and the potential positive outcome for advisors and their clients. Our approach to this all-encompassing volatility must change. Read article>


The Post-COVID Economy — Win .vs. Lose

I’ll start with a bombastic scenario. Imagine if ALL debt worldwide were reset to zero. You say “you’re out of your mind crazy” and you would be right! Believe it or not this is not without precedence in past civilizations of ancient times. Read article>